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Baking Soda UTI Recipe

Baking Soda UTI Recipe
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This is a great recipe for those who are in good overall health, but suffer from reoccurring urinary tract infections. The baking soda recipe will help keep the infection down after being properly treated by a trained medical professional. This is a great, natural ongoing therapy anyone can take average of.

If you are having frequent UTIs due to the use of urinary catheterization; it’s important that your bladder is getting a good washout daily if possible. My loved one uses a daily solution bladder irrigation called Gentamicin. This is used on people who suffer from chronic urinary tracts infections.

In our opinion, Gentamicin is a great bladder irrigation with antibiotics that you should talk to your doctor about. If for whatever reason you or your doctor decide against the use of Gentamicin, a lesser alternative would be sterile saline. This too, is really good for bladder washouts.

Based on personal experiences when you combine a daily bladder cleanser in addition to some simple diet changes (like this recipe), you will drastically decrease your chances of getting a UTI.

This recipe calls for baking soda or cream of tarter, pure cranberry juice, distilled water or spring water and vitamin C supplement.


Baking Soda (sodium bicarbonate)
■ Cost effective
Alkaline ingredient
■ Keep PH stable

Cream of Tartar (potassium bitartrate)
Use for baking
Keep your PH in check
■ Good source of potassium if you need a boost

Pure Cranberry Juice
Rich in antioxidants
Rich in vitamins and minerals like vitamin B-6, thiamin, vitamin K, phosphorus,
calcium, etc.
Note: Even though pure cranberry juice is very tart, bitter in taste. It’s the best form of cranberry juice when fighting an UTI because of it’s full strength. Sugary foods irritates the bladder; bacteria feeds off this sweet stuff and multiple. Therefore while you are going through an infection, we recommend that you avoid all sweets during this time.

Vitamin C
Acidify the urine
Reduce bacteria growth

Distilled Water
Purest water
Help flushes toxins out the body

7 Days UTI Treatment Schedule

[ We have found that most treatment work better when you space the treatment out vs taking the same exact treatment every single day without a resting period. When you take or use anything everyday, your body become too use to it and may not work as well as it once did anymore.]

Day 1 – Day 4

○ Room Temperature Pure Cranberry Juice (Your body can digest food better when you consume it warm or at room temperature.)
○ Room Temperature Spring Water
○ Baking Soda
○ Vitamin C supplement

Day 5 – Day 6

○ Baking Soda or Cream of Tartar
○ Room Temperature or Warm Spring Water

Day 7

○ Distilled water only

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Blender for Mixing
Stove to Cook Liver
Food Scissors or Knife
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Beef, Veggie Iron Rich Smoothie Recipe

This is a good recipe for all people, however, it’s mainly for those with G-tubes or any sort of feeding tube that is suffering from anemia.

In order to effectively kick anemia in the butt, you need to at least eat liver (or any grass fed animal organ) 3-4 times a week. Organ meat gives you the most richest nutrients than any other meat. Don’t be afraid to substitute your liver for kidney, heart, etc.

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