This recipe is great for children and adults who are being feed via a feeding tube.

The best way to begin the day is to plan a nice breakfast which is filling, nutritious and at the same time something which satisfies the taste buds.omelet-egg-smoothie

Today we are listing a breakfast smoothie recipe that’s inspired by the delicious omelet. But at the same time it is easy to make without too much of frills and fuss.

Eggs have been chosen as the main recipe because they are rich in nutrients like proteins – besides it’s one of the most liked breakfast item to-date.

Even vegans do not mind adding egg to their main food items. Further, they are quick to cook and when it comes to adding it in a smoothie, they are often considered to be one of the best options. So, here we go with a must-try omelet smoothie recipe.

Omelet Egg Smoothie With Cream And Cheese

This is without any doubt one of the easiest dishes to make and it is extremely tasty and delicious.

The ingredients required are as follows:

3 Whole eggs

2 Onions finely chopped or grated

2 Green chillies, chopped finely

2 Green Capsicum, finely cut.

Cheese spreads 2 tablespoons

Black pepper powder and salt to taste

1/2 cup of low sodium chicken broth

1 teaspoonful of oil for cooking.


The making process gets started by whisking the eggs with salt added.

The eggs should become fluffy and light.

Oil should be added to a skillet and it should be heated.

The finely cut onion should be heated and fried till it become golden brown.

Avoid over frying the onions. In the same, the capsicum and chillies should also be fried. Ensure that the capsicum in particular does not get overcooked.

Now pour the egg on the skillet and ensure that the eggs are properly scrambled. Add any season you would like. This should not take more than five minutes. Once the eggs have been thoroughly scrambled, you must add the cheese and also stir it vigorously.

The heat should be turned off.

Check the salt or your season and add a few pinches more if desired.

Go ahead and put your food in your blender after it has cooled down some.

Add your chicken broth and blend.

[Make sure you strain the smoothie prior to attempting to feed a person with a feeding tube. This will help prevent the tubing from getting clogged.]


Beside blending this recipe up, you can serve it with bread and add a glass of fruit juice on the side.

It certainly is a wonderful and highly nutritious breakfast and is rich in protein. It is quite easy to make and should not take more than 20 minutes including the preparation time.

It is perfectly suited for a busy morning and mothers and caretakers certainly will find it convenient way to satisfy the taste buds of their husband and children.

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