There cannot be anything more satisfying and fulfilling than having a generous quantityhealthy-banana-smoothie of smoothie dessert. However, most of find the smoothies available in the market too obvious and monotonous. Hence would it not be a great idea to go in for self made sweet smoothie dessert recipe.

The best thing about food item is that one need not follow any straight jacket rule and there is lot or room for experimenting and trying something new.

That is what we will be trying now. We will try and have a cocktail of various ingredients and come out with a homemade smoothie dessert that is well and truly original. We would like to name it as an all fruit dessert recipe.

Mixed Fruit Smoothie Dessert


Banana – Three or Four medium sized ones.

Mango – Two ripe ones.

Milk – 500 ml.

Custard – 50 grams

Cashew Nuts – A Handful

Cardamom – For taste

Sugar – One Cup

Raisins – To Taste

Preparation Time – 20 minutes

This is a unique and extremely tasty smoothie dessert which can be prepared within a short period of time.

Let us see how this is done.

Directions For Preparing

  1. Boil the milk as you would normally do. Allow it to cool.dessert-smoothie
  2. Slice the mangoes and if possible whip them in a mixer to make a smooth paste.
  3. Cut the ripe bananas into small slice and keep them separately.
  4. Add the sugar to the boiled milk and stir well till the sugar fully dissolves.
  5. Pour the mango smooth paste into the milks and sugar mixture.
  6. Also put the sliced banana into it.
  7. Break the cashew nuts into small pieces and add them into the mixture.
  8. Add cardamom to taste

Once this is done you should stir it all properly and ensure that all the ingredients are properly mixed.
Once this has been done you must keep the preparation in a refrigerator for around 25 to 30 minutes.

Take it out around 15 minutes before it is served so that it is not too cold for comfort.

Your mixed fruit smoothie dessert is ready. Serve it in a nice bowl. If necessary you could add a plum on top of each bowl serving to make it tastier.

It does taste yummy and more importantly it is highly nutritious and easy to digest. The above quantities should be enough for four or five servings.

It certainly is an easy to make smoothie full of goodness of milk and other fruits. Prepare it with care and serve it with love.

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